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How to solve this jsp error ?

This jsp page is getting values from XML file.

When I preview this jsp page, I get following error
"Compilation of JSP File '/jsp/pageblock_styles/SearchTest/searchtest.jsp' failed:

searchtest.jsp:21:31: No variable or field with this name could be found at this location.
<content:getProperty name="<%=landing_page%>" node="<%=cmsNode%>" resultId="landing_page" /> "

When I check xml file, there is a value for landing element. So how come the value is not retrieved by jsp ? I understand that without proper details of tags, it may be difficult to understand the jsp and error caused. But I need a direction in which to start looking at. I am new to this and I dont have full access to tld.

Any idea, where the error can be ?


because your program doesn't found the reference of landing_page variable.. I mean declare and initialize it like you did cmsNodePath variable...

I dont have full access to tld.

How can that be?
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