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view record from database using click event in jsp  RSS feed

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hai to all,
please help me...
i want to retrieve record one by one from database when click button... here is my code..but not work well.. i think i did some mistake in it.but i do not know where it is.
my project has been delayed by this problem.. . please help
me...please guide me in right way...
Thank in advance...

<%@ page import="java.sql.*"%>


function move()
var cu = 0
cu = parseInt(document.form1.hidden.value) + 1
document.form1.hidden.value = cu


<FORM NAME="form1" ACTION="query.jsp" >

int cu=1;

Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbcdbc:tdsn");
if(request.getParameter("hidden") != null)

cu = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("hidden"));

String useri=request.getParameter("D1");

String a=request.getParameter("T1");
PreparedStatement ps=con.prepareStatement("SELECT sn,StrategicSite,City,CensusTower,Address,Lattitude,Longitude,SharingPartner,Site,RFI,BSC,SECA,SECB,SECC,sitetype,buildinght,towerht,sour,dg,Capa,bm,bcapa,ethiload,totalload,operator,Staus,Media,Id,Vendor,MW,SDH,sa,sb,sc,sd,se,sf,sg,sh,si FROM tower,basic,power,txd,Rfd where sitetype=? and basic.sid=tower.sid and tower.sid=power.sid and tower.sid=txd.sid and tower.sid=Rfd.sid");
ResultSet rs=ps.executeQuery();


String r=rs.getString("sitetype");
String d=rs.getString("buildinght");
String f=rs.getString("towerht");
String sn=rs.getString("sn");
String s=rs.getString("StrategicSite");

String s2=rs.getString("City");

String s5=rs.getString("CensusTower");
String s6=rs.getString("Address");
String s7=rs.getString("Lattitude");
String s8=rs.getString("Longitude");
String s9=rs.getString("SharingPartner");
String s10=rs.getString("Site");
String s11=rs.getString("RFI");
String s12=rs.getString("BSC");
String s13=rs.getString("SECA");
String s14=rs.getString("SECB");
String s15=rs.getString("SECC");
String p1=rs.getString("sour");
String p2=rs.getString("dg");
String p3=rs.getString("Capa");
String p4=rs.getString("bm");
String p5=rs.getString("bcapa");
String p6=rs.getString("ethiload");
String p7=rs.getString("totalload");
String p8=rs.getString("operator");
String p9=rs.getString("Staus");
String t1=rs.getString("Media");
String t2=rs.getString("ID");
String t3=rs.getString("Vendor");
String t4=rs.getString("MW");
String t5=rs.getString("SDH");
String sa=rs.getString("sa");
String sb=rs.getString("sb");
String sc=rs.getString("sc");
String sd=rs.getString("sd");
String se=rs.getString("se");
String sf=rs.getString("sf");
String sg=rs.getString("sg");
String sh=rs.getString("sh");
String si=rs.getString("si");
cu ++ ;
<input type="button" value="next" onclick="move();"> <input type="hidden" name="hidden" value="<%=cu%>"> <% }} %>
Basic & Bss Details Tower Details  Tx Details Power Details          Rf Details
Strategic Site <%=s%> Site Type <%=r%> Media <%=t1%>  Power Source


<%=p1%> Ant Ht Sec <%=sa%>
Sec <%=sb%>
City <%=s2%> Building HT <%=d%> ETI E1 ID  ht   <%=t2%> DG Make <%=p2%>
Tower Ht <%=f%> Vendor <%=t3%>   Capa <%=p3%> Sec <%=sc%>
Census Tower <%=s5%>   Equip MW <%=t4%> Battery Make <%=p4%> Mech.Tilt Sec <%=sd%>
SDH <%=t5%> Capa <%=p5%> Sec <%=se%>
Address <%=s6%>   Ethisalat Load


<%=p6%> Sec


Total Load(Amps) <%=p7%> Elec.Tilt Sec <%=sg%>
Lattitude <%=s7%> External Alarm


Operator <%=p8%> Sec <%=sh%>
Longitude <%=s8%> Status <%=p9%> Sec <%=si%>
Sharing Partner <%=s9%>




Site <%=s10%> Survey    
RFI <%=s11%> RFI  
BSC <%=s12%> Integration  
TRX config Sec <%=s13%> On Air  
Sec <%=s14%>  
Sec <%=s15%>







Consider Paul's rocket mass heater.
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