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What happens to the referrer in the header after Response.sendRedirect is called

I was wondering what happens to the referrer value in the HTTP header after the send redirect method is called on the response. How would we get the original referrer value if a sendRedirect is called?


What did you discover when you tried it?

I discovered that the value was null. Although this was not a simple application that I was trying it with and it may not entirely be the reason of why the value could be null. I will try it with a smaller application and let you know the results.


Recall that "sendRedirect" sends a response to the browser suggesting it should send a new request to a new URL. What would you expect might be the referrer of this new request?

And would you expect that the answer to this question would be different if you had a smaller application? Recall that the browser doesn't know anything about the size of your application.

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