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passing collection object as an argument to Web service

I have to pass object of collection to web service method.I know that using collection is not a good solution but i have to pass this.
And my collection is of userdefined type like

public void processData(collection user){
//exposed as a web service method

Collection data = new HashMap();
data.put("data1", emp);

where emp is an Object of class Employee.

Can anyone explain me how to do this?I am using Axis web service
Here are some suggestions, which I cannot guarantee will work since I haven't tried:
1. Create a custom class EmployeeEntry which contains the key and the associated instance of Employee.
Have your web service method accept an array of EmployeeEntry instances:

2. Create a custom class that wraps the collection.

Then in your web service method, you take an instance of the wrapper class as parameter:

Personally, I would try to go for alternative one.
Best wishes!
Thanks for the reply
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