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how to set Queue JNDI configurations in Jboss 5.1.0
Hi All,

I am writing Message Driven Bean using EJB3 annotations and need to be deploy in JBoss5.1.0. My Queue is running on IBM WS MQ Server. I am confused with number of xml names(jboss-service.xml, destinations-service.xml) to configure JNDI properties.

My question is Once I write MDB, where I need to configure my queue details, which can change for each environment(dev, qa, prod) with out touching My MDB again.

Can you please provide me any sample MDB with all configurations entries. I have wasted 2 days of time and confused with n number of options .

My queue details contains: Queue Manager, Chanel1, host name, port, transport type and I have used userID, password for creating connection
conn = cf.createQueueConnection("userID","password") -- When I wrote a listener without Context object.

Please give me suggestions or provide me any sample code.

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