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mismatch in generated Stub and skeleton code using Axis and weblogic jars
We are generating skeleton and stub classes from the wsdl using axis 1.1 jar and weblogic 8.1 jar.but there are differences in the code like e.g. in axis generated code if the input to a method is x object then for weblogic it is y object which inturns contains the X objetc.Can you please explain me why this is happening.
I am not familiar with Axis 1.1 or WebLogic, but I guess it is differences in the implementations that cause differences in the generated code.
For instance, check the section "Unsupported Features" at this link: http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs81/webserv/overview.html
Can't you use some more recent web service stack?
JAXB has support for all XML schema features, which the XML serialization mechanism in JAX-RCP does not have.
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