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Exception Handling
Some body please help me out My requirement is what ever exception taking place in my DAO Class have to be caught and thrown to my jsp using customised exception class. iam using struts 1.2
How can you throw an exception to a JSP page?? Are you using your DAO class in your JSP?? If yes than that doesn't seem a good practice to me. If not, then maybe what you want is to create an exception page...
Exactly i want throw the error to a exception jsp page
You can look here to know how to configure an exception page in a web application. If you have tried that and it didn't work, then please tell us...
Actualy the thing is i want create a project specific exception class which will be used for throwing the errors to jsp page to be displayed. What ever been thrown from DAO class has to be thrown to jsp via a Action class using this customised exception class. This is small requirement in the project
@ Ankit
Thanks the link is very usefull.
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