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Why Ruby?
Hello Peter and all,

I have a good knowledge of php, AJAX and Java Servlets. Is there a good reason that i should learn Ruby too to replace one of them, the php for example? If there is, why not try Python (i think even Google uses it) instead of Ruby?

Thank you very much.
Same questions for me, but from a different background. I have worked with Perl for about 10 years and find the transition to ruby difficult. With both ruby and perl, there are times you have to compile extensions/modules, both can have some obscure (or very different at least) syntax, both are scripted, etc. What then is the advantage of ruby over perl? (I know that people either love Perl or hate it, so besides that )
Many have evaluated Python and Ruby as replacements for Perl since Perl has a messy syntax. I am still not sure what is the best
Hello Mr Cooper...
Congratulations for your new book..

I'm a new kid in the block..I have basic knowledge of C/C++ and I'm learning Java technology now..
Through all my learning experience I see that a new concept or technology is expected to better the old ones..
As in the case of C giving way to C++ and JAVA..
I'm curious about how Ruby will improvise on JAVA and .NET technology??
Please help me to understand its advantage over contemprory technologies..
I also am amused by the fact that Java and Ruby were developed around the same time(early 90s)..
Please help me understand the difference between the role of JAVA and RUBY...

Thank You.
I think Perl is the most popular and also the fastest scripting language, but I dont like its syntax. I also dont consider it a good fit for large scale programming tasks.

Python has been around for ten years and appears to be used in broader range of applications than Perl. Its easily readable and has many 3rd party libraries and interfaces.

For me Ruby seems to be the most object-oriented and expressive language. I heard it has less documentation (long back), less third-party support and fewer available libraries, but I guess many things around Ruby has developed immensely. I consider it as language of my choice after Java (of coursee!) .
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