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Axis2 (1.5) - AxisFault: Transport error: 404 Error
I am a newbie to Axis2.

I am using the example under:

I created a web application and deployed that application in the webserber (WebSphere test server 6.1 in this cases that comes with RAD 7.5). I can see my web page as: http://localhost:9081/MyAxis2/index.html

However, I do not see any registered the registered service when I log in to Axis admin console. I deployed axis2.war (which comes with Axis2 1.5 download). I can successfully see http://localhost:9081/axis2/ and see getVersion service registered.

When I run my client, I get error as below:

My client code:

Exception is thrown on line: serviceClient.fireAndForget(method1);

I have not kept the class in any package at this time (it is in default package). Name of the project is MyAxis2 and I can access http://localhost:9081/MyAxis2/index.html when the server runs.

My server code is:

Again, the server is also in the same default package.

As I mentioned before, I just deployed this application (as war file) in the test server (WebSphere test server). It is not a jar file for sure and did not convert war to aar file.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Can you reach http://localhost:9081/MyAxis2/CalculatorService via your browser?
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