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build jar file that includes needed classes automatically
A few years ago I could have sworn that I read about a jar creation tool that would automatically discover what class files would be needed for a application and build a jar file with just those class files. I believe that you provided it with the name of the class or classes that had entry points (main methods) and it would see what they depended on usiing static analysis. It would look at both things that were compiled as dependencies and things that might be dependencies because of strings that looked like class names to load via reflection.

Such a tool would be really useful to me now, but I can't seem to find it on Google right now. Is anybody familiar with it?
That's Maven, isn't it? Although as I understand it, it doesn't build a single jar file, it collects the other jars you need and builds something which can be distributed.
I thought that maven worked at the jar level, not at the class level. No?

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