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Application open slow
Hi List[],

We have developed a application using strut2 and tomcat 5.5 application server.
Some time in our intranet our application does not open .And some times its open very fast.

Can any tell me why such problem comes.

If actual errors are occurring, the server logs should give you a hint.

If a database connection must be created, that could be slowing things down.

Any number of problems could cause this. You need to profile your application. www.jamonapi.com is an option.
Even when i check my server machine at that point of time it also get slow.

Did you check the server load and which process is eating the resources? If your server is on linux you can check using "top" command.

You will have to monitor all the machines on which app server/db server/web server are running and then probably you can reach to some conclusion.

Our Server is installed in windows 2003 server.
and our DB is also installed in same machine.

But how can i check the server load.


When dealing with performance issue the best approach is "Divide & Rule"

Separate out individuals modules and note the time taken by each module as your request flows thru the application.

1. Check the time in server logs taken for each module. Best thing is to log em.
2. DB calls should be timed separately . (Run the query stand alone directly in DB and record the time)
3. Try to isolate any network problems.
4. Memory issues can also lead to slowness. Adding JVM logging and check the logs for any Major GC events.


Actually the problem is that even our application home page not open at that point of time.
After that i always restart the server machine and after that our application runs perfect and so on...

You can check the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager, it gives you which process is eating resources and then in next step, you check why that process is eating the resources.

you can get a quick glance by looking at Performance tab of this window as well.
I check the CPU memory usage at that point of time .It tomcat5.exe consumes lot of memeroy at that time.

I would use the Tomcat Manager app to check the status of current request Thread and memory use.

Manager is not part of the standard download, you have to install it separately.

Have you checked the Tomcat logs - sometime the cause becomes very obvious.


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