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GroupLayout not working in a JPanel
hi JavaRanch

i've recently been playing around my project to try to get a nicer GUI on it, however i've hit a stumbelling point! He's the main class from my project.

i think the error comes from adding the JPanel component from another method, but eclipse doesn't see the error and it only appears when i run the compiler!
so my question is any idea why its doing this?

thanks in advance

What compiler are you using? Most importantly, the version. Perhaps your Eclipse is using Java 6 and your command line is still Java 1.4.

Never mind, I just tried compiling the class myself, and got these errors:
Where are these classes located?
Eclipse? That code looks more like something out of NetBeans
Campbell your right it looks exactually like the code that netbeans's uses when you use the GUI tool! however i wrote the code manually - yes i know there are better layout managers but i like how the grouplayout one works ! Rob im compiling from inside Eclipse and i checked and it is using java 1.6 so i don't think its that! Big sorry however i should have pointed out that the main class wasn't compileable as it is - it uses some external classes - so here is a version that gives me the same error but only need the main class file to compile!

and just out of intrest i'll give you the errors the compiler is giving me!

i hope that this will help!

thanks in advance

sorry for the double post but does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

thanks in advance

ok i think people have dropped this thread, so if no-one replys i'll start a new topic!

i've found a workaround however im not sure why it would make it work, as far as i can work out it has the same effect as the version of the code above!

all i've done is moved the first JPanel to a static object and the whole code worked

please help me work this out!

thanks in advance


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