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J2me help: can i use j2me as Client?
I have made a web service in java and using the j2me as client for that in Netbeans 6.1. This is working fine for the web service and j2me client made on same computer. However when I made the service on another computer, I do not get any idea, how to make j2me as client on my computer? I am using Netbeans 6.1 IDE. Please help me As Soon As Possible.

Thanks in advance
I think the webservice you are hitting is a local one.Thats why you ar enot able to hit the webservice from a client located on another machine.
What i mean to say is try hitting the webservice from a network machine directly and not through the j2me client and see if that is working?
the ip of your host machine hosting the webservice should replace the local host generated as a local ulr for the webservice.

For further reference suggest you to put in your code that hits the webservice.

hope this helps you

hi, I am using the same as you are saying. I am using computer name instead of localhost. However when i try to make j2me as client of web service then it does not ask for WSDL path. It simply accepts the web application and the methods in web application. That is the problem.
Why would you do that?
If it's working on local machine than it's ok. It will work online too.
Why do you need to test it on another computer?

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