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Hey Ranchers
This might be a recurring question, but would like to have a non-recurring answer

JSF "The five headed monster" is really heating up my preparation. I did not have to learn that for my SCEA part 1 for EE 2 platform. Now that it has been included, I am really confused to what extend one needs to prepare JSF? Should one know the complete framework or should we be okay with the architecture of JSF?

People who have already surpassed the test, kindly share your preparation in regard to JSF. This is one of my concern.

My another opinion is in regard to comparing JSF with Tapestry. I am already developing apps with Tapestry. The component based rendering model of JSF is very much similar to Tapestry. Am I right?

The bottom line is; can you put forward a coherent and detailed argument regarding when, and when not, to use JSF?

I don't think you can do that without some knowledge of the architecture, features, general-workings, and strengths and weaknesses of the framework.

How much detail you go into is up to you.

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