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html:link passing multiple parameters  RSS feed

Peggy Horton
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I have a situation where I need to pass several parameters in an html:link tag. After reading the documentation, I know that I must use a HashMap to send as a param which would contain the values I want to send to URL. I first display the values in a table using logic:iterate and an arrayList onto the screen. The user should then be able to select a row and send that row's parameters to an action class that produces a pdf.

My problem is how to extract the values from bean:write properties and load them into a hashMap. What would be the correct syntax to do this something like this? I've tried several ways to do something like the following without any luck :

<% String docNumber = <bean:write name="task" property="documentNumber"/> ; %>

Here is a portion of the jsp that I am working with:

<logic:iterate id="task" name="productionQcForm" property="documents" >
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="docGid"/> </td>
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="revision"/> </td>
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="pgCount"/> </td>
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="statDate"/> </td>
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="itemVkey"/> </td>
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="title"/> </td>
<td class="data"><bean:write name="task" property="autoReject"/> </td>
<html:hidden name="task" property="altGid" />
<html:hidden name="task" property="supplement" />
<html:hidden name="task" property="chgType" />
<html:hidden name="task" property="society" />
<html:hidden name="task" property="documentNumber" >
<html:hidden name="task" property="order" />
java.util.HashMap myMap = new java.util.HashMap();

myMap.put("docGid", "How do I get the value of the property "docGid from the list above???");
myMap.put ("docNumber", documentNumber);
myMap.put ("order", order);
myMap.put ("society", "society");
myMap.put ("statDate", "statDate");
myMap.put ("vKey", "itemVkey");
myMap.put ("supp", "supplemenat");
myMap.put ("chgType", "chgType");
myMap.put ("revision", "revision");
pageContext.setAttribute("map", myMap);

<td class="data" align="center">
<html:link page="/showScannerPdf.do" name="map" >
<html:img src="images/EditBCard.gif" altKey="action.properties"
width="20" height="20" border="0"/>

Any ideas or suggestions would be more than welcome!!
Thanks for you help!

David Yutzy
tumbleweed and gunslinger
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I usually do not have any scriplets in JSP, so all of the java you have in the JSP should be done in the servlet's action and populated into the form bean, including the Map.
You'd create a method that would return the Map and it's values as part of the FormBean. I typically use something like getLink() or getKey(), depending on the situation.
Here is some sample code:

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