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does j2me programming have any future?
no one is interested in giving scmad...no one writes a book on it....no one likes j2me...why is this so? i have been such an avid learner of j2me..it really pains too see no one actually interested in it
Just to clear my doubt. Does iPhone or Android programming has any relation with J2ME?
If yes then I think it does have good future.
Android isn't related to JME. You might want to read these blog posts about the future of JME on smartphones: http://blog.javabluetooth.com/2009/07/27/uh-what-happened-to-java-me-cdc-on-smartphones/ and http://blog.javabluetooth.com/2009/11/29/lets-talk-about-java-cdc-one-more-time-native-compiling-for-midp3/
J2ME isn't just limitted to phones. For example, I 'm currently working with a high school using it for a robot.
Unless I'm much confused, Blackberry uses J2ME. I don't think they're going away anytime soon, so unless they announce a switch to Android, I think J2ME is a safe bet for a little while longer.
As usual, you're not confused :-) It's predicted that smartphones will constitute 50% of all mobile phones in a few years, though, and BB seems to be the only manufacturer that's got traction in that market *and* supports JME. Nokia supports JME in the shape of the low-end CLDC, but they don't have much smartphone momentum (yet?), certainly not compared to BB, iPhone and Android.
"As usual"? More like the reverse.

J2ME was popular on Motorola devices, although mostly for games, from what I could see. However, they seem to be picking up Android these days.

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