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How do I read the compile time error messages?
I'm using NetBeans 6.8. I tried to compile. I got the following error. It seems to say that I do not have a class that I need. But which class? I'm unsure which class is missing.

Seems fairly clear:Sounds like there's a build path problem with the project, obviously with Ivy, which I've used only rarely.
Is it normal for NetBeans to use Ivy? Or is it only resorting to that because I tried to include a Groovy class?

Maybe I should restate my question. I think I'm having a problem with trying to compile a mix of Java and Groovy classes. I was assuming NetBeans would handle that for me automatically, since I've downloaded the Groovy plugin for NetBeans, but maybe I was wrong.
Also, I apologize if this is an idiot question, but why was it "obvious" to you that Ivy was the problem? Simply because it appears first in the stack trace? The NoClassDefFoundError will always point straight to the package or file that is causing the problem?

I do wish the error would tell me what class is missing. That would be a lot more helpful. Can you think of anyway for me to get a better error message?
The error *is* telling you what class is missing; look at it again:I guess I'm not sure how to interpret that any other way. When you look at a stack trace the top-most line will be the most recent "thing" that caused the problem. It's a stack ("stack trace"), meaning the top-most item is the most-recently-put-on-the-stack.

Sometimes you'll see things like "Root cause" or, as here, "Caused by". In this case, there's a "Caused by", but the top-most item in that list is the same thing. It's a bit more clear that it's an Ant/Ivy issue once you move further down the stack trace (back into program execution history, into the past).

I don't know *why* NB is using Ivy: Ivy is a dependency resolution solution for Ant. Do you have an Ant build file? It might also be something to do with Groovy, the NetBeans/Groovy integration, or...?

(I haven't used Groovy for some time (now that it has AST transformations, however, I will again) so it might be something to do with Groovy, building Groovy classes, or who knows what else.)

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