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What is BPM Pega
Hi Friends,

I am a java person with 4+ years experience.
I recently got a call from one of the reputed organization regarding a job offer. Its related to BPM tool Pega.
They told me that it's a java based framework and has less coding. It has drag n drop kind of features and can be used to define business processes. Also this is one of the niche fields and has very less professionals.

I am not at all aware about this field and its career prospects.
Guys can you all help me about this tool and also should i be going forward with this?
Thanks in advance.
Go and take it if you want to. The description is accurate. It is a business rules engine tool that has a drag and drop interface. Few people know how to use this tool.
They are Business Process Management tools and when used together with SOA, they really add value to your career as you already know SOA is being employed increasingly these days.
Have a look at the jBPM web site http://www.jboss.com/products/jbpm/ to get an idea.

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