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An access occurred that is not valid
Dear All,

I have written a web service which serves some functionality and throws the custom exception in case of any exceptions in the flow.

When i remove the custom exception in exposed services signature and handle it internally in implementation its working fine (testing it with SOAPUI plugin integrated with eclipse). When I declare my signature of method with custom exception my service is not getting called.

getting following exception as response:

dont know why. here is my service declaration

and my here how my wsdl looks like

My Custom Exception extends java.lang.Exception

Any help is greatly appreciated
That looks like a server-side message, so you should take a look at the server logs where there may be more information.
Thank You for quick reply, but here i couldnt find any server side logs - what i found is its not even hitting the service.

Deploying it in Axis2 container.

Please suggest any better way of debugging.

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