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IBM 667 - SOA Solution Designer passed
Hi all,

passed IBM 000-667 test with 93% (I was amazed also ;-)

Generally speaking it's not an easy exam to crack; mainly due to large amount of reading material.
Unfortunately, I did not found many question examples (aside from those few published on CodeRanch), thus I did not know what I was going against.
Right now, I think the best approach is to learn the IBM-way-of-thinking (and lots of buzz-words :-)

My study list:

- read all "use cases" RedBook from IBM site
- read SOA Compass book
- explore Wikipedia page for SOA
- read other papers from IBM site (there are many of them)

Many thanks for all info included on this forum!

What is next step to claim your title? Shall I wait for any package form IBM?

One more thing:
There is IBM "Take It Again!" promotion, which allows you to retake this test for 30 USD:
(I hope admins will forgive me for linking)
Important: it has to be bought as you order a voucher for test - see page for more details
is this product specific?

Billy Tsai wrote:is this product specific?

Not really. Test asks about few IBM products, but the questions are more like general open scenarios with selection of few possible solutions.

Nevertheless, you shall know about IBM's ESB products (WebSphere ESB, WebSphere DataPower, WebSphere Message Broker) and what they are used for. I think I also had one question about WebSphere Business Modeler.
Hi Les,

Can you please give me the link to the stuff you mentioned
- read all "use cases" RedBook from IBM site

check this series:
http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/redp4376.html <-- start from this one

it seems to be a lot, but I have read through them quite fast.
Hi Les,

I am preparing for 669 (SOA Associate). Can you provide me the recommended books/links? Please help.


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