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Line Feed Carriage Return problem
Do you know how to print a Line feed carriage return character not using "\n"
i am trying to generate a text file (plain) and the "\n" character doesn't work, the charset is UTF-8

this my code

and the unicode characters fails too (doesn't compile).
Thanks in advance!
I don't quite understand why you can't use \n (both CR and LF are part of UTF-8), but ".append((char) 10)" and ".append((char) 13)" would append those two characters.
Thanks for your answer Ulf, neither do I.
i try your code and nothing happen!
I'm not understand why the "\n" doesn´t works.
Ok i'll give you more info. i'm trying to generate a plain file and send it as response from an action this is how im try to do that:

the getLayout method returns the string that will be the report.
and the getIs method returns the info as bytes for response to the client (FYI Struts 2 framework).

if i display the response in a browser it works fine.

thanks for your help

P.d this is the right forum right?
Oh ok all right!

i change the order of append((char) 10).append((char) 13) to append((char) 13).append((char) 10) and works fine!
thank you Dittmer!
You'll find it a lot more convenient to go back to the original style and write that as

Paul Clapham wrote:You'll find it a lot more convenient to go back to the original style and write that as

I agree. (char)10 is the same as '\n' and (char)13 is the same as '\r'. Your code does nothing more than append these two characters. Appending "\r\n" will do exactly the same.

Off-topic: I've seen the following code written by a professional. It made me cringe:
Suffice to say I simply replaced it with "\r\n" and I was happy again.
Whats wrong with line.separator?

Maneesh Godbole wrote:Whats wrong with line.separator?

Because the value of the property is platform specific. If you want to guarantee that the generated file will always contain lines that are delimited by the \r\n character sequence the line.separator property will trip you up on certain platforms.
mmm well i'll try the orignal style

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