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Client and Server using TCP
Hi All,

Now I am creating single application using TCP and UDP Sockets. I have doubt on this, Actually, I am sending a file using UDP Multicasting. If three clients are receiving that file. I need to find receive missing packets by using TCP from all clients. I can do this. But how can I break this loop

theclient = serverSocket.accept();
receiveMissingPackArray = new ReceiveMissingPackArray(clientNo,theclient,no_of_packets);

once all the missing packets are received. I have some question.
1) How to find number of clients connected to server.
2) How to find stil clients are connectd to server or not.

If any one help on this, which will be very useful for me.
Thanks in Advance.
create a new Thread for each client you accept, pass the client socket (Socket)
to that Thread and have the Thread doing all the work.

The server then is free to continue listening and accepting the next client.

Or in short: write a client handler

Hope that helps
Thanks Matt. Its little bit working. I am tuning it further based on my application.

Thanks again.

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