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I need to know what is the different between webservice and corba?
I need to know what is the different between webservice and corba?
the thing is iwent to an interview,they ask me what is webservice.
I said webservice is software system which develop to communicate interoperable machine to machine through the network.
then he ask me what is mean by interoperable ,
I said language independance.
then they ask me why can't you use corba to that language independance?
Okay. So it sounds like you have a basic idea of what a Web service is, but no idea of what CORBA is.

So you don't really need to know "the difference" between the two (as if there were exactly one difference), you need to know what they are.

That's what the Internet is for. Try reading the Wikipedia article about CORBA.
Obviously follow Paul's advice for greater understanding but my take on it would be:

CORBA has the key advantage of being truly object-oriented component architecture and comes with a host of standard services like naming, transactions, printing, events etc which support complex applications in a heterogeneous environment in a platform and language independent manner. For example, there is no equivalent of CORBA Security service in web service environment and only now the suppliers have started addressing these aspects. So the disadvantage of web services over CORBA is that it is reinventing-the-wheel and cannot handle the required amount of complexity in its current state. However the complexity of CORBA, the issues with its specification and the slowness of new development have opened way for web services which are more suited to web-environment with their loose coupling, XML and HTTP usage. The SOAP messages of web services are simple to use and implement. Unsurprisingly, this simplicity has given momentum to web services over CORBA.
Here is my short form:

CORBA came first but got all wound up in complexity, scaring people away.
XML-RPC was intended to be a simpler approach but became SOAP and got more and more complex as people needed stuff like authentication and encryption, scaring people away.
REST has become the refuge for people seeking simpler solutions, so far it is resisting complexity due to insistence on the HTTP model, but it can't solve everything.

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