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JBoss AS 5 Development
Author/s : Francesco Marchioni
Publisher : PACKT Publishing
Category : Other
Review by : Jaikiran Pai
Rating : 9 horseshoes

Francesco's "JBoss AS5 Development" book is a well written and a handy book for developers who use JBoss AS in their development environment and who wish to have a detailed understanding of the server.

The book starts off with introducing JBoss AS and its evolution from the previous AS-4.x version to the current AS-5 version. While doing so, it provides a brief overview of the core architectural difference between these versions. The initial few chapters mainly focus on setting up the development environment which includes JBoss AS, Eclipse (with JBoss Tools Plugin). It's good to see that the author is *not* rushing the readers to coding applications and instead is providing the necessary background to get familiar with the server.

The book covers various other JavaEE technologies including JPA, JSF, WebServices etc... Each major technology has a separate chapter and follows a common pattern where it starts off with a brief introduction of the technology and then moves on, to show how use can develop and deploy applications using those technologies on JBoss.

This book also covers JBoss AS specific configuration files and tools. It provides a good technical overview about the contents of the configuration files, including detailed explanation of important configuration options.

The book is well paced and you won't feel bored or overwhelmed by the information being presented. The author has managed to produce a well written to cover useful information for developers who use JBoss AS.
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