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WS-RM Webservices

i have developed a web service client using JAX-WS for calling an external web services, which is working well so far.

now on server side they are going to implement WS-RM, will this changes make any affect on client?

if yes, what are the changed needed on client side to work?

Thanks in advance,
Hi. You probably have the answer to your question by now but anyway ... please see this Introduction to WS-RM. To answer your question, yes, the client will need to add WS-RM specific headers to the messages.
Thanks for the reply srini.

i got the new wsdl's from the external services which they have implemented the WS-RM policy, on first shot it gave the below fault

after switching jars from jax-ws to metro, the fault vanished.

i tested from netbeans level, have to check how it goes after deploying on Linux server.
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