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JSP Session

I need help with JSP session.

My problem:
I have a login page. When a user logs in then, i set a session and its expiration time. So, when the session is expired, the user will be redirected to the login page with a session expired message.
I want to identify if a page has been loaded first time by the user, or it has been loaded as a result of expiration of session.

My code:

I do the following when the user successfully logs in:

I check this in every page (i.e. check in the header of everypage)

Also when the user logs out the following code is executed:

My problem is that even when the user comes to the page for first time, it redirects the user to "login.jsp?rtype=expired" page.
You shouldn't be doing this on the pages at all. Use a servlet filter.
Well I am new to jsp, and don't have much knowledge about it. Could you please elaborate a bit and give some example?
Look up "servlet filter"
Our ServletFilters FAQ has some useful information.
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