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getting value of jsp page in servlet
through jsp page value is not getting in servlet page
here is the code

the servlet page

servlet is running and showoutput
means balue can't get
what is the mistake i don;t understand
use *apache common file upload* . google for more information
servlet is running
and we are not upload a file
only getting value

so nothing i want to do with those packages
please tell me where is the mistake
through getParameter value can be get
but here it is not done
Use Apache FileUpload: once you set the content type to be multipart you can't just use getParameter. It doesn't matter if you actually upload a file or not.
okay now it shown when i remove enctype="multipart"
is there any method that i can upload a file and at same java file i get some values that are in previous page
You mean you want to upload a file and get non-file form parameters (like from a text input)?
yes i want this thing
So, you've been told a number of times that you'll need to use something like Apache Commons FileUpload (or any similar multipart request library). Either that, or you'll have to write it yourself--which strikes me as a Really Bad Idea, for a number of reasons.

You can continue asking the same question, but I'm almost positive you'll keep getting the same answer, with only minor variations. If you had believed us the first few times you were answered you'd be done already.
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