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dojo loading FilteringTable problem
i am using dojo library

the problem in line

this statement don't execute properly when i put the

for example the alert dos not appear

i am using firefox
Anything in the JavaScript console?

For what it's worth, if you're using the stock Struts 2 Dojo, you're using a *very* old version of Dojo. Personally, I'm against using that old of a version of Dojo.
first of all there is no thing appeared in the console

i am using struts 2 and the latest version of dojo
What, specifically, happens? What happens when you debug the JavaScript?
sorry it is a detailed description

i am using the latest version of dojo tool kit

in a function that is added to the onLoad event i am using

to get a

but it does not execute, the errors appeared in the console:

i am using dojo with java struts 2 and chrome browser please help ME.

the full code
Looks like some of Dojo isn't loading for some reason--it could be that it doesn't exist, it could be you've used a custom Dojo build that didn't include it, etc.

While debugging, use isDebug: true, by the way.
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