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entity loading blues
I got this scenario:
a query from wich i need to return a list of beans, that i don't want persisted.

The question is:
Can i do that directly speifying the bean like:

w/o having to map the Person to a table?

Closest answer for that from what i found is the one below, but i need to know the answer to the above question, it makes the following solution redundant.
EDIT: shortest question would be: how can i externalize a named query w/o an entity, and also map the result set to a bean with the least configuring possible.
Well, the only way to populate non-entity beans is to use Transformers.aliasToBean() it seems. BTW, it only accepts the column name, not an alias of it. It only needs matching type with the bean fields / public accesor methods.

Otherwise externalizing a SQL query, is as simple as:

and registering it in the hibernate config file.
Seeing your posting I blogged about how to do this in EclipseLink here: http://onpersistence.blogspot.com/2010/07/eclipselink-jpa-native-constructor.html

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