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Spring/Hibernate with RIA
Hi Paul & Solomon,

What kind of examples/scenarios explained in the book for working with RIA technologies with Spring?

Hi Vijitha,

Our book uses a few example applications to help illustrate strategies for building production quality apps based on Spring 3 and Hibernate. Our primary example is a gallery application, featuring ajax-based functionality for uploading and manipulating images. While we don't have as extensive examples focused on the RIA space, we do discuss some of the important considerations when designing applications built in GWT and Flex. The chief pitfall in this space, stems from the complexity of serializing Hibernate domain objects between Java and Flash or Javascript. Because Hibernate uses proxies for providing lazy-loading capability, you can quickly run into issues trying to manage the serialization/translation between two different frameworks. One solution is to use DTO pattern, but this can also add code complexity to your project. In our experience, we have had good luck with the framework dozer for translating between domain objects and the DTOs used for sending to the RIA client.

Thanks for your feedback,


Thanks Paul, that's something I'd like to explore further
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