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How can i add Horizantal scrollbar in jsf

i m trying to add horizantal scrollbar in selectManyListBox in jsf,
i have tried all posible options, but it was not working in jsf,
can anyone please give me better solution ASAP???

Thanks in advance,
horizontal scroll bar appears automatically in selectManyListBox when you define the size of your list box. If the values that the list takes exceed that box that you have defined, the scroll bar would appear.
Hi Vaibhav,

Thank you for your reply..

but..i have defined size in selectManyListBox, it is showing vertical scroll bar only not horizontal.

here is the code:

h:selectManyListbox styleClass="icwMulti" style="width:200px;" id="selectedProductFamilies" size="10" >
<f:selectItems value="#{downLoad.productFamilies}" ></f:selectItems>


Can anyone do help on this issue???

thanks in advence,
Hi Ganesh,

The combo-box does not support horizontal scroll bars. You will need some Client-side scripting to make a horizontal scroll bar appear with the combo-box.

Do refer

HI Praison,

Thank you very much !!!

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