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How to set screen resolution
Is it possible to have an application that can alter the screen resolution to 600 * 480. My current applet uses these dimensions and all the graphics are set up for this however if I change the applet to an application then it would be nice to be able to use the full screen but still keep with the 600 * 480 res.

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something to play with, for 800x600

my PC, Vista, min resolution in Display Settings is 800x600, and this works OK
change to 600x480 and it goes belly-up

There's also the Full Screen Exclusive Mode API you could have a look at:

Cheers guys - your info and method calls pointed me towards one of those java tutorials containing a display mode test that does pretty much everything (full screen and selectable resolution). Sadly I'm a bit thick concerning all this stuff so I'll now have to try and work out what I need in the code they provide - eeek.

Michael Dunn wrote:
thanks for the code

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