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how to make visible 2 combo boxes
in my form...i had 2 combo boxes....if i click one combo box second combo box should be disabled that im doing....its working fine...but my problem is if i want to select both combo boxes how to do...i tried..but not getting any idea...here is my code...

That's almost impossible to read. Please move your JavaScript out of the tags and into methods, and refactor it as you do.

Your requirements seem to be contradictory: first you say you want to disable one of them, then you say you want both enabled. Can you be more precise in your requirements?
as already posted...in my form...sometimes i need to select 1st combo box and 2nd should be disabled...and sometimes both combo boxes should be taken...here is modifed code



And what behavior are you seeing now, compared to what you want to have happen?

If you need to have both boxes selectable it seems weird that one checkbox would control the other checkbox, no? I mean, it's *your* code that's doing the disabling: you click one checkbox, the other one is disabled. Stop disabling the checkboxes if you need both checkboxes always available.
ok..that i had done it is working...is it not possible what i need or not...if i m clicking one check box its working by removing disable....
I'm not sure what you just said; is it doing what you need now?
1) if i click checkbox Low Balance and the other checkbox Validity becomes disabled...this i need so i got it...vice-versa
2) if i click checkbox Low Balance and the other checkbox Validity becomes enabled...

i need point 1 and 2 should be taken in my JavaScript....can you suggest me how to implement both the points..
Let me see if I understand what you want:

If the first checkbox is checked, Validity is disabled.
If it's unchecked, Validity is enabled.

Is this correct?
hi good morning,
what David is right....can you tell me how to implement it...i'll do it in my form...

Please post your current code, and describe the behavior you're seeing versus what you want to see.
here is my code..



as i posted previously...im point (1)....
and coming to pint (2)......in the above code..if i make enable then both my points are working..

my doubt is i need to implement 2 times my code ....or what..

If the requirements are based on the checked status of a single checkbox, why does the second checkbox go and disable the first one?

I don't understand why you're having a problem with this: you know what your requirements are (we *think* we do, but I'm not sure), you know how to enable and disable checkboxes and select boxes, and you know under what circumstances you need them to be disabled.

Right now, your code:

1) On entry, both checkboxes and selects are enabled.
2) If #low is checked, #valid/#mvalid are disabled.
3) If #low is unchecked, #valid/#mvalid are enabled.
4) If #valid is checked, #low/#lowbal are disabled.
5) If #valid is unchecked, #low/#lowbal are enabled.

What about that is different than what you need to have happen? If you only care about the checked status of #low, why do you still enforce 4) and 5) from my list above? If you *do* care about 4) and 5), why didn't you say that when I asked if my interpretation of your requirements was correct?

Don't just tell me to refer to your previous answers--if there was no confusion, I wouldn't be asking you to explain it again. You can't expect us to read your mind and understand your requirements without explicitly stating your requirements in a way we can understand.
what ever you posted is right....

1) if 'low' selected------'valid' and 'mvalid' gets disabled and vice-versa....

this i had done....

2) if i want to select both 'low' and 'valid' that i had done...

3) if i had selected 'low' and im not disabling...'valid' and 'mvalid'..... and i had selected only 'low' then im getting 'low' values with 'valid' values also...but i dont need that...

here the way im getting my output..

the '----Select Options'---- is from 'mvalid' combobox...

but i need as

this is what im facing problem in my output xml file...
Output XML? The problem is with creating an output XML file?!

How are you creating the output XML file?
by using Dom Parser..

How did you expect anyone to help you with an XML output file if all you've been talking about is JavaScript and HTML?

How about posting the code for what you're *actually* having problems with?
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