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JVM regression test suite available anywhere?

It might sound a bit strange but I suspect that I'm getting inconsistent results (well, I am) from a JSF
application running on a HP laptop with a AMD Athlon M320 dual core cpu. I suspect that I'm hitting
problems when the cpu is overheating. I know that HP have some BIOS upgrades available but they
just make the fan run at full speed and I can't concentrate with all that noise.

To disprove this rather unlikely theory, or otherwise, does anyone know of a JVM regression test
package I could set running to see if any anomalies can be uncovered?

Why not just keep the machine cool and see if the inconsistencies go away?

David Newton wrote:Why not just keep the machine cool and see if the inconsistencies go away?

Well, to keep it cool for prolonged periods of time would mean that I'd have to upgrade the BIOS which
has the fan running noisily at speed. This is not compatible with human thought processes, not mine anyway.

In many ways it seems a little unlikely that you'd be getting spurious results as a result of overheating,
but I am getting spurious results and nobody else seems to be able to reproduce the problem. I'd love to
be able to set off a test suite and see failures occur as the cpu temp hit 75, for example.

And then I can send it back to HP under warranty and get a new system!
There are other ways you could try to keep it cool--but if you want to prove it's a heat issue, that's the easiest way to do it. Or just set the laptop on a fan--the additional removal should be enough.

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