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OCPJP 6 - my story
Hi Ranchers!

I would like to tell you my short story with SCJP6/OCPJP6.
I've passed it today with 88%. In my opinion it could be better; when hitting 'end' button I was expecting something ~95%. But then again - what the heck - man cannot be picky ;-)

Firstly, I would like to thank Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates for "SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065" book, which is indeed a true masterpiece! It creates a solid backbone which is very useful when facing mock tests and the real exam itself.
Secondly, thanks all CodeRanchers for advices, solutions and attitude which helped a lot during my preparation.
Thirdly, thanks all mock tests creators for their contribution.

If someone is interested in how much time it take to pass the SCJP I can only tell how long it took me, and it's about 2,5 month. I have a regular job, althought not for 8 hours a day but for 6. I wrote my first Java code 4 years ago.

1,5 month took me to read whole K&B book and make all the exercises. I've spent last month on CodeRanch forum and solving mock tests.

From Mock tests I must say that, in my opinion, the best one is ExamLab - it really feels like the real exam, the interface is almost identical! Althought the questions are definitely more challenging, it successfully encourages you to find the answers, read explanaitions and test it for yourself (and make a lot of notes - I've made almost 30 A4 pages of notes + code listings after solving 5 ExamLab tests!)
Cheers Devaka - you've helped me a lot and you did it for free, so I would like to make a small donation for ExamLab. If you have a PayPal I would be glad to make a small donation for the ExamLab :-)

Another great source of knowledge is Niko's Blog, JavaChamp.com and last but not least Certpal (it prepared the ground for ExamLab questions)

It if comes to the real exam, there were no questions about Serialization nor wait/notify. There were only 5 drag and drops and these were easy in comparison to ExamLab. It is impossible to find out if the drag and drop questions are cleared just when going back to the previos question. The notice saying that the answer will be cleared is poping-up when you hit the TASK button only. To be 100% sure it won't loose my answers, at the end I've passed all questions again and made the D&D from the scratch. The exam took me 2 hours, which includes rechecking all questions and doing the D&D twice.

I got a laminated A4 piece of paper which can be used as a miniature whiteboard, marker, and a sponge.

There was a small hiccup with Prometric exam software which hang up after the welcome massage with my name, showing error in a Prometric *.dll file ;-)

At the end I was a little suprised that the score didn't appear on the monitor but was printed directly on the test center administrator's desk. There I've seen my score for the first time.

Well, I do hope it will help someone preparing for the certificate.

Thanks once again all of you guys.


Edit: sorry for posting it in the wrong section...
Congratulations, Pedro
Glad to know that ExamLab helped.
congo pedro.
Congratulations !
Thanks all of you :-)

Guys, how many sheets of paper the test center administrator should give you after the exam? I've got two and was thinking - on the second one there is a notice saying that you should check your name because that's what it will be written on the certificate and to check your address, which is the place they will send you the certificate. The point is that there is no address on the score report. I am curious - is this a normal situation or did the test center forget to give me something?

And the second one - I've noticed that you can view some information about your certificate (on Prometric it's only changed to state 'passed') on Oracle University page. There is a link to CertView (Oracle certs only) and CertManager (www.certmanager.net/sun, for old SUN certificates). I've got all the information needed for certmanager (registration number and site number) but is shows me that the system doesn't have information about an appointment in given site on given term.

Does it take some time for them to add the information to the database or it should be available right now? :|

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS. Guys I've read the SCJDFaq and especially the section talking about SCJD vs SCWCD. I'm still not sure what to do first... I would like to write some code and make someone to verify it for real if it's worth something, and on the other hand I am a bit afraid about the time it take to achieve. I'm reading K&S eBook Chapters > 10 which are about SCJD and I'm still not sure... They say it should take 90 - 120 hours for a project and here on JavaRanch the numbers are quite higher (240 - 320)
Congrats pedro

Thank you for telling us your story.I thing it will help someone who is going to give this exam....specially me.
Ok, they've mailed me today that I can log in to certmanager so everything is fine :-)

And if it comes to SCJD or SCWCD... I think I'll go for the SCJD and meanwhile, maybe the SCWCD will be updated to conform JEE6 specification (which according to Oracle University information should be at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011.)

Cheers again ;-)

BTW: If someone is interested - I finished two MasterExams which comes with K&B book with avg 55%,
the additional masterExam with 68%,
ExamLab with 66%, 54%, 70%, 71%, 75% (avg: 67%),
CertPal with avg 78%.
Why're you choosing SCJD over SCWCD? Could I have the link for Certpal? THanks a lot for your advice. I just gave the examlab diagnostic exam and got 30% So I'll be practicing for another month before I actually give the exam.
And Congratulations!
Thank you :-)

I just want to know if my software is worth anything in the Java world. Also, the SCJD allows to test if you can use your knowledge about the language in real life, to solve problems and develop an application.

Just like I've said - the SCWCD should be soon updated to certificates which are related to JEE6 rather than JEE5. In my opinion it is better to wait and get a certification of JEE 6 platform related technologies than learn the JEE5 ones, especially because JEE 6 is so much lighweight and simple. My decision is also justified by my personal matters, as I've written my MSc paper about JEE 6, so getting JEE 6 related certificate would be definitely more logical for me :-)

What about the link for certpal exam?
It's quite straightforward - http://www.certpal.com/ExamWeb/content/logon.do :-)

Also remember to check the great source of mock tests: http://faq.javaranch.com/java/ScjpMockTests

Cheers mate!

Pedro Kowalski wrote:Ok, they've mailed me today that I can log in to certmanager so everything is fine :-)
BTW: If someone is interested - I finished two MasterExams which comes with K&B book with avg 55%,

Where can I get these K&B MasterExams?
Thank you!
When you buy the K&B book, you've got a CD with two Master Exams on it. The third one is available after registering at the site which CD points to.

Avi sinha

Did you only use free Mock Exams or did you use commercial ones like Enthuware & Whizlabs aswell?
Thanks Malte.
No, I did not use any of the paid mock exams. The free ones were more than enought in my opinion :-)

Pedro Kowalski wrote:Thanks Malte.
No, I did not use any of the paid mock exams. The free ones were more than enought in my opinion :-)

Great! I think i will stick to the free ones aswell (and the ones that come with the K&B book).
so pedro you are using java for 4 years??

or only your 1st java program... 2.5 months of preparation is nice
I have written my first Java code over 4 years ago (during my studies) but it was purely for learning purposes.
Then, I hadn't touch it for about a year but after this time, I was using it whenever I can.

So, the bottom line is that I have learn Java 4 years ago, but I have been using it in my projects for 3 years.


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