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Google map: Overlay doesn't work
Hi all,
I am newbie with Android, I've started with the MapView example from the following link: http://developer.android.com/guide/tutorials/views/hello-mapview.html
But it doesn't work,

According to the tutorial, the map of Tokyo must be displayed, but it didn't. I debugged and saw that it run through all the linecodes, i don't know why the tokyo map wasn't displayed!
Please tell me how to fix the code above!
Thanks in advance
I went through the tutorial and it worked OK for me.

What is the debug output you are getting, are there any errors?

What do you mean the map wasnt displayed, was there an error? Did it just show grey squares instead of the map?
The map is displayed but instead of displaying Tokyo, it displays USA map ( default map ). When I debugged, there is no error or st strange.
I'm really confused
Thank your support, I resolved the problem
Thats good,

Can you please post what you did to resolve? It will help people in the future who come across this thread

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