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Simple Examples
hi Ted and every body,
I have been working on some project using the struts frame work. I have never heard of jakarta struts before to be honest but I was forced to work on it since my friend left the job which he has started in struts a while ago. Ever since then, I have been working hard to get to know this framework. This forum has been the biggest help and I want to thank the whole community for that. I am almost done with the project now. I think for a person new to stuts, the best thing will be to provide them with a simple, fully functional example that they can always refer to when they get lost. I did not get a good example that encapsulated most of the concepts of struts. So Ted do you have such an example in your upcoming book? Do you think it is a good idea to have an example like that people can have so that they learn faster?
Thank you and have a blessed day to you all.
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