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Factory Homes - changing relationships
Hello Ranchers,

I read this assigment a couple of times, than some comments in this forum but I'm still confused.

I would change the Product->House relationship to inheritance and I'm not so sure if I'm allowed to do that, well, changing BDM is something you should not do, as I remember.

What do you think about that?

Thank you.
Welcome to CodeRanch!

Answers to this question are going to have to be very high level as we are not allowed to discuss specific assignments in the forum.

You are allowed to change the business domain model. Reasons should be justified and it is recommended to change it as little as possible. The reason being if the reviewer disagrees with your change, you have a problem.

Personally, I would recommend against changing something that fundamental to the business.
Hello Jeanne,

thank you very much.

Sorry, I was just thinking about the application flexibility and I couldn't really understand why we need an extra class for the same purpose.
I agree with you. I got the same assignment and had trouble wrapping my head around why the business domain is set up that way. But I wanted to follow the advice about not changing it too much. So eventually I documented my understanding of their business domain model and ran with that.
I am also working on the assignment. I also feel the domain model should not be modified, there should be a reason for the relationship and its cardinality.

The biggest doubt I have about this assignment is, they say visual appeal is very important criteria for the customer and none of the use cases talk about providing a visual output to the customer. In the forum, people advice just solving what is being asked in the use cases.

Main priority for the customer is Visual appeal of the house design. But the use case doesn't ask about it. Does it mean that the showing the house design visually to the customer is part of big picture which will be addressed in some other use case and we need not worry about it in our solution.

OK, I will reflect on that model and try to find the best suitable solution.

Dinesh, I do think that we have to model ALL requirements, use cases or not. It's only a matter of details. The use cases should be modeled more detailed than other requirements.
I suggest not to change domain model, just to try to understand what is meant by the authors. I've done it and it is possible to solve it without changing cardinality.
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