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f:selectItem item alignment issues in Internet Explorer(IE) 7.0
I have jsf radio button "f:selectItem" component with label. Rado buttom and label aligning perfect in Firefox 3.6.13 in single line. In IE67.0 label misaligned and coming later half in second line. I tried
style="white-space:nowrap; but did not help.

When i had earlier similar issue with <helectBooleanCheckbox id=
then putting
style="white-space:nowrap; on that component and containing td column component fixed the issue. Any ideas, sample code, resources, suggestions highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

I had the same problem with an f:selectItem inside a h:selectOneRadio.
I've solved it by changing from h:selectOneRadio to t:selectOneRadio from Tomahawk.

Just changing from h: to t: solved it :-)

I've found an example ofr Tomahawk's selectOneRadio here: http://www.roseindia.net/jsf/apache-myfaces-tomahawk/tomahawk_selectOneRadio_tag.shtml


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