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ActiveMQ broker
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Hello all,

I am trying to setup ActiveMQ with Glassfish. I created an application that sends XML messages to ActiveMQ. I have another application residing in Glassfish that needs to receive the messages from the ActiveMQ topic. I have added the activeMQ rar file in glassfish but the file is not getting from activeMQ to glassfish. Every example I have seen uses Message Driven Beans which I don't want to use because my app residing in glassfish has other processing it has to do to the received message. The examples I have seen all say you need to have a sun-ejb-jar file but since I'm not using EJB I don't think that applies. Can someone give me some guidance here?

Hi there, most app servers has its own mq service, to integrate third party mqs you have to do some configuration. Try take a look at this link:


Also its perfectly possible to use activemq with out MDB, use plain JMS API or MDPojos, try looking at spring framework.

Hope have helped!

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