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Which GUI technology to learn
Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting back into more GUI development as it is something I enjoy doing a lot! I am, as you might guess, a Java fan and I'm pretty handy with Swing. Clearly however, this is getting old hat, especially as GUIs move onto the web and the likes of C# .NET takes over the desktop!

So, given a solid Java SE background, what GUI technologies would you recommend I should learn? Here's a starter for 10;

Eclipse RCP

If anyone has experience of what other organisations are using I'd be glad to know!


Are you targeting only Windows?
Hi Bear,

no not only targeting Windows, though most user desktops will be windows. Similarly, I know I need to consider web UIs and desktop UIs. I'm being very open-minded, the skills that I listed above are what I gathered from a web search on Java GUIs however I'm trying to guage what others use.

Then I'll go about learning the new technology becuase it is fun (and useful for my career)!


Hi John,

You can learn RCP, SWT/GWT. Since you have some experience in GUI, it will be easy for you.

Archana Rao
Thats a fairly random assortment of utility's, however as an incredibly bias person in love with SWT / JFace + Eclipse RCP I would definitely go in that direction.
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