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How to send mail from jsf, can anybody tell me the a-z guide for this
I wanted to use my gmail id as sender mail id to send mail to user who-ever visits on my website, how to do it.
Probably the best way is to use JavaMail. If I'm not mistaken it's built into Java EE containers, such as the one you're using to contain your JSF code. Here's a link to the JavaMail FAQ, which specifically describes how to connect to Gmail.
Hi dude,

you can use below function for sending mail using JSF.

public String sendEmail(){
MailUtility mail=new MailUtility();
mail.sendMail("Subject", "Hi this is test mail", "sreekanthreddy.com@gmail.com");

return "success";

MailUtility is some in-house helper class someone has written? You both work for the same
no boss i am not i am working for tcs
it will work fine see the code if you want i will send you the Mailutility class

It's just that I type MailUtility into NetBeans and nothing is coming up so it seems to not
be a standard package - so it's not going to be much help to anyone unless you can
provide further information about what it is, where to get it etc...

I've got e-mail sending working fine from with a Glassfish app server hooked into a
google mail account so I don't need any help myself.

OK boss
if you need any help in jsf just reply me i will help you
OK great boss
i need detailed richfaces notes could you please help me in this
I am getting an error that..
Unknown smtp host ..when I am passing it the
Not in this way...
Write the full code and step step by step ...

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