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Download a jar
Folks need a help regarding what jar file that need to downloaded...i tried for com.jscape jars but its not available in net...if anyone come to know or anyone have the available jars...please give me the link or provide the download....the code as follows:

Did you try Googling jscape?
Gokulakannan, please UseCodeTags next time.

I've read your post but I can't find any user interface related code in there, not even in the imports. Please CarefullyChooseOneForum. I'll move this to Java in General since the problem is finding the right JAR file, but I agree with Greg - use Google first. That quickly leads you to www.jscape.com, but you can't download that library for free. You need to register for a limited period only. I suggest you try alternatives like JSch.
@Greg Brannon
I tired googling it,but i cant able to find it...some of the sites were banned too...please help...!!!
Wow, it's as if my previous post doesn't even exist. Am I invisible or something?
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See Rob's post.
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Why should you try IntelliJ IDEA ?

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