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Server Technologies - how to study?
Could anyone recommend a book that I could use to learn server side technologies and pass the SCJA exam?

I have read:

Head First Java

McKenzie's book and the mock exam questions book

Liguori's book

I have no experience with Java and I am learning it from scratch. I seem to be doing fine in the other areas, but I am still confused when it comes to server side technologies (loads of acronyms to memorise, not a lot makes sense).

I have recently attempted McKenzie's mock exam questions (from the mock exam book) and failed miserably (40%). I don't know where to find the information, most of the questions were about things I had never ever heard of before (if it is not in the books I mentioned above, I will positively not have heard of it).

Please help. What else do I need to read?
for me - 50% was learning to take the questions. you can read and read all you want and still fail. start with the ranch rules round up. then whizlabs or other practice exam.
Yeah, I can usually get the answers right when I try the test again some other time. But I get the feeling I am memorising the answers to the questions, rather than learning what each thing actually does. When I get a new question I haven't encountered before, I usually get it wrong

Would it be a good idea to read the introduction to Head First EJB and Head First Servlets and JSPs? Are there other books which would be better?

Thank you.
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