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avTransmit and avReceive problem

I'm trying avTransmit2 and avReceive2

They didn't work

When i run the avTransmit then run avReceive , it gives me an error :


Track 0 is set to transmit as:
H263/RTP, 352x288
Created RTP session: 22222
Start transmission for 60 seconds...
...transmission ended.


- Open RTP session for: addr: port: 22222 ttl: 16
Cannot create the RTP Session: Can't open local data port: 22222
javax.media.rtp.InvalidSessionAddressException: Can't open local data port: 22222
at com.sun.media.rtp.RTPSessionMgr.initialize(RTPSessionMgr.java:2688)
at com.sun.media.rtp.RTPSessionMgr.initialize(RTPSessionMgr.java:2515)
at videoconferencing.AVReceive2.initialize(AVReceive2.java:115)
at videoconferencing.AVReceive2.main(AVReceive2.java:483)
Failed to initialize the sessions.
Java Result: -1
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