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Automatic logon?
why it doesnt work for me? (Is that only me?)
Got cookies disabled?
Or possibly "Delete new cookies on exit" (Opera)

Sachin Patil wrote:(Is that only me?)

Lately (last few weeks maybe?) it seems I frequently get kicked off (logged off from JavaRanch) from my Firefox/Linux setup at work. But I've had no problems with my Firefox/OS-X or Chrome/OS-X setups at work or at home. I haven't noticed much of a pattern yet, other than that the problem only occurs using Firefox on Linux. But even there, often it works fine, and then sometimes I get logged out, for no apparent reason. I don't know how similar that is to what you've observed, but it's possible you're not alone.
No cookies issue and its inconsistent as in it works sometimes. I use chrome and firefox on two different laptops the issue is only with Firefox on windows. Today its working so far on both.

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