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Internet is not running on emulator
I had installed Android on another machine. I am behind the proxy. Now I want to run internet on emulator. But due to proxy I am not able to run it so I had entered proxy and port values into emulator. After that I am able to run internet on emulator.But restarting the emulator I am unable to run internet on emulator. When emulator start the it shows No Service message. How to overcome this issue.

After googling I found that it can also happen when your PC is too slow. My PC is also very slow. How to overcome this? Many times when I run the program it will take near about 30 min to strat emulator.
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Pramod P Deore wrote:My PC is also very slow. How to overcome this?

Stick more RAM in it? Get a faster CPU? Hard to tell, maybe you have too much other stuff running at the same time? Try and close down other applications so you only have your IDE, AVD and a browser open.
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