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Passing values between two JSPs
I have been banging my head for more than a day now to resolve this issue.. grateful if anyone can offer help... I'm trying to fix a bug in a legacy application in my organization.. in one of the jsp pages..


The Servlet1 is calling another Servlet2, which in turn calls Servlet3 to print some code to page1.jsp.. one page1.jsp is compiled html output looks like this..
page1.jsp output..

I need to be able to pass "param" value from page1.jsp to page2.jsp. request.setAttribute is not working. The Servlet class Servlet3 is vendor provided so I cannot set a hidden form variable inside form "yy" to pass it to page2.jsp.

if anyone has a solution please help me, Thanks in advance.
If they are not in the same request you cannot use request scope as each request has its own scope. Have you considered using the session?
Yes I tried using Session and it was working... but was wondering if there will be any other options and also any disadvantages of using sessions...
This is exactly the type of thing sessions were created for. Why not use the proper tool in the manner that the tool was intended to be used?
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