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Need help regarding <p>

I need to add "<"p">" (i.e. Paragraph) tag in my xml but am unable to do so.

I tried writing <!CDATA[[ actual code ]]>section but CDATA is under <sc:Section> element and when I try to validate it,
the parser displays this error :-
cvc-complex-type.2.3: Text '"<""p">"Send comments and suggestions to <url protocol="mailto">barchal@pineapplesoft.com</url>."<"p">"' is not allowed for element <sc:section>. The element declaration's content type is 'element-only'.

NOTE: I'm double quoting "<"p">" as it gets removed after posting here. The Schema is well formed and valid, the xml file is well formed only.

I'm using XMLSpy from Altova and when I check for <sc:section> element in it, I get the following details:

minOcc=1, maxOcc=Unbound, Content =Complex. There is nothing like element-only as shown by the error message.

Below is my XML schema

Below is my XML

Please advise.

Thank you.
I replaced <![CDATA [ ... ]]> with < & > the problem is resolved.
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