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Need to get the current Instance of one backing bean into another
I have an editorBean:

And the other bean is also managed and has a method called htmlTable that takes no parameters but returns String type. Now what I want to do is when my editor pops up it should pre populate itself with some table data and then become part of the value attribute in the editor bean. I think it needs to be done with DI but I am not getting it right. If any one can explain this through DI annotations, it would be cool.

Sure. Welcome to the JavaRanch!

If you're using annotations, the @ManagedBean annotation will ensure that the bean is constructed automatically in the scope that you specified in you "@xxxxScoped" annotation and it's cataloged by default under the same name as the managed bean's class, except that the first character will be lower-case (since it's an instance of the class and not the class itself).

You can then use the @ManagedProperty annotation to inject Bean2 into Bean1 (for example).

It looks like this:

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